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Children & Schools

It's important for schools to encourage kids to get up and move around. Not only does regular exercise help keep them maintain a healthy weight, but it also helps them think better, feel happier, and have more energy throughout the day. Plus, getting active can help them build strong bones and muscles, keep their heart healthy, and reduce their risk of getting sick when they're older. And let's not forget about the social benefits - playing sports or doing activities with others can help kids learn teamwork, make new friends, and feel more confident in themselves. By encouraging physical activity in school, we're setting kids up for a healthy and happy life.

Active Lives Survey - Sport England's survey to gather information on children's activity levels. Wiltshire & Swindon sport coordinate survey in Wiltshire & Swindon. Take part in the survey and receive bespoke school report, credits to exchange for sports equipment and healthy schools rating. Schools will be contacted at the start of each term if they have been selected to take part but you can also opt in.

Healthy Schools Swindon

Bikeability resources: https://www.bikeability.org.uk/get-cycling/cycle-training-for-schools/

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Stories of local schools supporting their pupils to get active - coming soon...