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Football Fans in Training

Leigh, 37

In late 2021, I faced Mental Health issues primarily due to workplace stress, which led to my hospitalization with high blood pressure. During my hospital stay, I realized that my weight had increased due to comfort eating and lack of exercise. In December 2021, I saw a Fan Fitness Post on a Swindon Town FC page, and despite initial hesitation, I decided to join the fitness course starting in January 2022.

Throughout the course, I learned about setting SMART goals, dietary improvements, and the importance of water intake. Making small changes, like increasing water intake, helped me lose weight steadily. In Week 6, I participated in a fundraising event for the Mind Charity, walking 163 miles and raising £735.00. By the end of the 12-week program, I had lost weight, reduced my waistline, and celebrated with fellow participants, including Swindon Town Foundation and John Trollope (STFC Legend).

After completing the course, I joined a local gym, further reducing my weight to 90.5kg. However, I faced a setback in late 2022 but rebounded in January 2023 by making more dietary changes and resumed drinking water. In March 2023, I participated in Swimathon 2023, completing a 5k swim and raising funds for Cancer Research & Marie Curie.

Overall, Fan Fitness Training exceeded my expectations, providing knowledge and motivation, leading to an impressive weight loss journey. From January 2022 to June 2023, I went from 104.7kg to 90.7kg.

Robert, 59

I started the course weighing 97kg in group 2, but due to high blood pressure, I needed a doctor's note to attend. By the end, I managed to reduce my weight to 85kg. Later, I reached about 75kg but gained some back over the last 7 years, though still below my finishing weight.

Since completing the course, my life has taken a positive turn. I joined a running club and participated in several marathons, including 2 London and 1 Brighton marathon with a personal best of 4 hours 37 minutes. Additionally, I've run numerous other races and maintain an average of around 70 miles per month.

The changes in my lifestyle have led to many improvements. My blood pressure is now normal, and I rarely catch colds or flu. My mental health has improved significantly, as has my social life, with weekends spent running with friends. My confidence has grown, and my blood sugar levels, which were borderline diabetic, have improved.

Before the course, I was an unhealthy, overweight individual who struggled to walk long distances. Now, I'm a marathon runner approaching 60 years of age. The course taught me the power of small changes combining to make a significant impact on weight loss and overall health. A crucial turning point was the labeling week, which had a massive positive effect on me.

Following the course, my self-esteem, fitness, and overall health improved, leading to many more opportunities and choices in life."

Wed, 21 Jun 2023