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Otago - Strength and Balance

Rosie, aged 74

"You gave me my life back. Having had 3 falls, I lost confidence, I had given up and my physical ability had declined a lot. Then during lock down my mental and physical health declined further. The course really helped with strength, balance, confidence and my general physical health. I am doing lots of walking now, doing Aqua Fit twice per week and will be starting a new class. Next month I am visiting my family in Australia for a month. I have grandchildren and both myself and my husband are so ready for the challenge of running around after them."

Gillian, aged 86

"Having had a fall pre Covid, then the isolation of Covid, my confidence had hit rock bottom. Making the initial commitment to the course was exceedingly difficult but I'm so glad I did as it helped me get back on track. I knew I had to help myself. I committed to paying for the transport there and back each week. The class is gentle and positive, it met my expectations, my balance has improved and I have grown in confidence."

Kasturi, aged 75

"My walking improved - walking straighter and faster. I can get up and down from a chair easier. I am more confident when out and about. Balance has improved a lot. Posture has improved. I can walk around my home and garden without my stick now. Generally my quality of life has improved and my husband has noticed it too. I am so happy I did the 16 weeks with Otago. I have since been attending a community class on a Friday, plus I do some Otago exercises from the homework book on most days. I do about 10 minutes in the morning and another 10 minutes in the afternoon."

Tue, 16 May 2023
Otago - Live Well Swindon